A note on correct terminology: The word waifu has Japanese origins. The Japanese language does not employ the use of 'plurals', thus the word 'waifus' when spoken in a Japanese context is grammatically incorrect. However, I believe that because this is an English language wiki, where the word waifu is used in the context of an English sentance, the word 'waifus' is acceptable here. Using the word waifu (without the s) to mean a plural is also acceptable. Ultimately, a writer should use their own discretion when choosing between waifus or waifu. Pick whichever one gives a better sound when rolling off the tongue, or is consistent with pre-existing articles.

Other things: It is recommended to use a neutral, third person tone when writing. This allows the opportunity for multiple people to contribute to the same article on the same subject, without creating ambiguity as to whose statement corresponds to who.

Editor's comments and notes inside the main body of the article should be okay. This is not a big wiki and we don't neccesarily have to conform to the same level of quality as Wikipedia. Putting your comments inside the talk page may be more effort than its worth: people have to click on the talk page to see your comment, and those who don't check every single talk page might miss out on it. Putting it in the main body makes it hard for people to miss it.